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Keep the music playing: Summer Lessons for Students

Summer is often seen as a time for relaxation and a break from the rigors of the school year. However, for students who are involved in band, continuing their music lessons over the summer can be incredibly beneficial. Instead of taking a hiatus, these young musicians can gain a multitude of advantages by maintaining their practice schedules.


Skill Retention and Improvement: Taking a break from band during the summer can lead to a loss of skills that have been meticulously developed over the school year. By continuing lessons or starting, students not only retain their current level of proficiency but also have the opportunity to improve. Consistent practice ensures that muscle memory and technical skills stay sharp, and students can work on more challenging pieces at their own pace.


Building A Culture of Music: Maintaining your instrument beyond the school and committing to making music a part of your life is the difference between a personal music culture and a school-related task. Removing the instrument and reducing focus on it reminds children it is something to pick up and put down. We believe in fostering a permanent relationship between the musician, the instrument, and improving their craft.


Music Is More Than Band: The summer is a time for personal discovery and growth. Lessons provide a different voice and perspective on your student’s musical development. The added instructional resources continue to support their passion for music, and this is when we see musicians begin to find their sound. The instrument becomes more than something they wanted to try. It is now an effort supported by a team of people who care about their improvement. How often do we find options in life fun when we are not good at them? Lessons help build their skillset earlier and students maintain their love of music longer.


Continuing or starting instrument lessons, especially during the summer offers students a chance to maintain and enhance their musical skills and begin to make music a part of their life versus something they do because they are in school. Encouraging young musicians to stay committed to their practice not only enriches their summer but also sets them up for greater success in the upcoming school year and beyond. Lessons are a harmonious blend of learning and fun, making them an invaluable part of a well-rounded education.

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