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Instrument Repairs

Our experienced repair team can return your instrument to its full glory and performance.

How Can We Help Your Instrument? Submit Your Request

Please provide us with the instrument and contact information that will help us efficiently serve your needs. 

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Our Rentals Cover Your Repairs!

All Wert Music store's instrument rentals come with our Complete Repair and Replacement plans.  You can rely on our repair team and more than 40 years of repair experience to make sure your instrument keeps making those beautiful sounds. Let us know how our repair team can help you maintain your instrument.  Bring your instrument into one of our stores for a free repair estimate.

Repair Services
Saxophone Class

Emergency Repairs

If you need a repair in the middle of the band season or have a performance coming up. We have you covered. Our team works to make sure your instrument is in our shop for the least amount of time possible.

Classical Music Players

Standard Maintenance

Instruments are complex and hand-crafted specialty items. Our team can help you maintain the quality and sound of your instrument. 

Playing the Saxophone

Life Surprises

We've seen it all! Objects and obstructions. Unexplainable and hard-to-identify issues. Anything you can think of, our team has seen it. 

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