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Deciding to keep your rented instrument over the summer: A Guide for Parents

How to return your rented instrument

As the school year draws to a close, middle school band students and their parents face a key decision: should they keep the instrument over the summer or return it? Each choice has its benefits and implications. Here’s a clear guide to help you make an informed decision and understand what steps to take.


Staying in Band: Yes, It’s Best to Keep the Instrument

If your child plans to continue with band in the upcoming school year, keeping the instrument over the summer is highly beneficial. Here’s why and how to make the most of it:


Best to Keep the Instrument for Practice: Regular practice is crucial for maintaining and improving musical skills. Keeping the instrument allows your child to continue honing their abilities, preventing a lapse in progress.


Good Time to Take Lessons: Summer is an excellent opportunity to enroll your child in additional music lessons. Private lessons or summer band camps provide structured learning and can significantly enhance their skills.


Address Maintenance Issues: Use this time to take care of any instrument maintenance. Regular upkeep ensures the instrument remains in optimal condition and is ready for the next school year.


Keeping and maintaining your rented instrument.


Opting Out of Band:

Return the Instrument

If your student decides not to stay in band. Here’s what you need to know to properly return your rental instrument.  Returning the instrument is the only way to cease rental payments.


Two Ways to Return:

In-Store Return: You can return the instrument by visiting one of our store locations. Our staff will process the return promptly.


School Pickup by Request:

If visiting a store is inconvenient, you can request a pickup at your child’s school. To do this, send an email to at least a week before the last day of school. Include the school’s name, student name, and instrument details. We will do our best to accommodate any special circumstances.



Final Thoughts:

Whether you choose to keep or return the instrument, the most important factor is ensuring your child remains engaged with their musical journey. Keeping the instrument supports ongoing practice and improvement while returning it can be a practical solution to avoid rental costs if your child won't need or use it. By making an informed decision, you can support your young musician’s passion and readiness for the upcoming school year.

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