Woodwind instruments use vibrating air to produce different musical sounds with or without a reed. Although they all were originally made of wood, they may also be made of metal, bone or ivory and the different shape and elements of each instrument create it's unique sound.

The reed is a thinly sliced piece of cane or plastic that is held against the aperture of the mouthpiece. When air is forced between the reed and the mouthpiece the vibrations create the sound. Examples of single reed woodwinds are the clarinet, saxophone, tenor sax, and alto sax. Double reeds, like those used to play the oboe and bassoon, are two small pieces of cane joined at the base; this reed is played between the lips.

Flutes and piccolos are woodwinds that produce a sound by blowing on an edge. In the orchestra the woodwinds frequently play solos because their tone carries well and can be heard above the many other instruments playing. Click below for sample sounds:



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